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Travelling in English

1. Write the alphabet.

2. Find the missing letters-ABCDFGJKLMOPRSTVWXZ.

3. Make up a word with these letters:


KITCHEN- n,t,e,h,c,k,i

TEACHER- r,e,t,a,e,h,c

PENCIL- e,p,c,n,l,i

SISTER- s,s,e,r,i,t

SOFA- a,f,o,s

4. Pick up the pronouns any-some

Are there any chairs in the room? There is some bread on the plate.

There are some fruit on the plate. Ia there any pen on the desk?

There are not any pupils in the classroom. There are not any dogs in the street.

5. Make up the disjunctive questions:

She has a pen, ....?

We have a cat, ...?

It is not cool,....

6. What tense is it?

-V1,VS -am,is,are-Ving, -shall,will-Ving, -Ved,V2, Have,has-V3 (Ved).

7. Guess: what room is this?

-There is a table, a mirrow, beds in this room. We sleep here.

-There is a table, chairs or armchairs, a sofa, a TV-set, a carpet.

-In this room you may wash your hands and face, clean your teeth, take a shower.

-In this room yuo can work the whole day. There is a table, a chair, a bookcase. There are many books.

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