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Старая Сказка на новый лад

A selfish businessman
(based on the story « A selfish giant» by O. Wild)
Once upon a time in a very big city there lived a man. He called himself Mr.Happy because he thought he was really happy as he owned all factories and plants of the city. He could make money from everything even from air and water and contrived to snatch a titbit. People in his city were very indignant at it because Mr.Happy didn’t care of them in other words he was a selfish man. His plants and factories polluted tons of dust and other harmful substances. That is why people suffered from smog .It was difficult to breath, in fact it was the reason of many serious diseases. People could not spend much time outdoors because there were no parks and gardens and in this city. Children couldn’t not play anywhere, because there were no any play grounds and stadiums. All ponds and a river in the city were not clean because the city’s industry merged their litter in the water system.
Mr.Happy himself lived in a wonderful place which he built not far from the city. It was a peaceful place in the country. He called it “An Ecoplace”. There was an ecohouse, an ecopark and an ecopond. Many people worked at this project. A lot of scientists invented modern air and water filters that could lower the level of the pollution to a minimum. So the water in the ecopond was so pure that you can drink it from the pond. In this crystal-clear water different types of fish and plants lived. The ecopark was so green and beautiful that many different birds came there to make their nests and to sing their wonderful songs. Mr.Happy enjoyed his place very much because he felt most relaxed to be closer to the clean nature. More than that there was always spring and summer in his place. Around his ecoplace Mr.Happy ordered to built a high fence and nobody could visit it.
One day Mr.Happy was on a business trip and one of the guards let some little children to play in Mr.Happy’s park and gardern. Oh, it was so wonderful. Children enjoyed this place very much. They admired everything : soft green grass, aromatic flowers, animals and birds which became extinct many years ago. They swam and bathed in the pond with a pure-crystal water. Children liked climbing the trees and eating ripe and reach fruits. They enjoyed listening to beautiful songs of the birds. Children spent the best hours in their lives. Suddenly Mr.Happy came home and saw little children in the garden he was so angry and made frightened children to get out. At that moment a huge black cloud covered the cloudless sky. Pollution was hanging over his ecoplace. It was hurting Mr.Happy’s lungs as well as the life of animals, birds and plants in the park and the garden. The fish was floating on the surface of the water in the pond. Everything was so horrible that Mr.Happy could not understand anything. His lovely place became dirty and spoiled. It smelt awfully outdoors. The poising air of the city spread fast. Poisonous gases dissolved in water and the air then fell on the ground as acid rain. At last he began to realize that environmental problems were not somebody’s they were his problems. At first he ordered to break his high fence and asked the scientists to do their best to clean the air, the water and the ground from the pollution not only in his place but in the city too. Mr.Happy made a number of lows and industrial conventions on the protection of the environment. For children he built many playgrounds in the parks and let all children to play in his place. At last Mr.Happy thought of that many people live for only one thing-to become rich, to gain a lot of money that makes them happy. A real happiness is when on the one hand you live on a beautiful and clean planet. On the other hand you can do everything for people to become happy on this wonderful planet .

Автор: Медведева С.А.
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